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is gives clients more options through healthy competition.""China has the strongest demand for standard-body freighters," he said adding that Boeing has already accepted 60 orders and commitments for the 737-800BC▓F -- half from Chinese customers.In ▓the globa

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l air cargo market, wide-b▓ody freighters are used for new freighters while standard-body freighters are normally converted into freighters.Boeing understands the opport

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unities afforded by the booming e-commerce and air cargo market in China -- online retail sales in China were half that of the United States i▓n 2010 and by 2013, they surpassed the ▓United States.Uni

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que to China's air ca▓rgo market is that the majority of demand for freighters is▓ from delivery companies."That's why▓ we need to design and launch a converted freighter that can meet the specific needs of the China market," he sai▓d.According to Yitbarek, Boeing will provide delivery firms with suitable freighters, support them in establishing logistics 

infrastructure, and share their best practices."As an aviation leader, Boe▓ing provides airplane life-cycle support and services to the global aviati▓on industry," said Yitbarek.To him, it is a privilege for Boeing to be part of the fabric of China' s delivery and e-commerce market."All parties will support the healthy development of the China ma

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rket," said Yitbarek.Please scan the QR Code to follow us o▓n InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChinese affordable lung cancer drug hits marketChi▓nese affordable lung cancer dr

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